Penn UTV: A Community for Video Creators

What We Do

Penn UTV is a coalition for all undergraduate student groups that produce video. UTV and its member groups share resources such as equipment and some funding, as well as jointly coordinate events, new member recruiting, marketing and promotion. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for groups to get started producing video and to make these groups more visible on campus.

Our Mission

Penn UTV is committed to fostering and promoting student produced video on campus. We believe that video is a powerful and engaging medium of expression in the modern world that should be fully leveraged on campus. UTV is devoted to facilitating both the production and consumption of student-produced video content at Penn by maintaining a community for student groups that produce video to share resources and jointly reach the broader Penn community.

Key Activities

How to Get Involved

New & Existing Video Groups at Penn

Any group of students at Penn whose main focus involves producing video content is welcome to join the UTV community. Groups can be brand new or already long established at Penn. The only requirement is that you already have a core team of people together - we’ll help you with the rest.

We provide a pool of shared equipment, funding, and other resources you may need in the course of producing video. In return, we simply ask that your group actively participate in the community by helping each other where you can, and helping to jointly organize various events on behalf of all of our member groups. Email if your group is interested in joining.

Students Interested in Video Production

Individuals who are interested in creating video at Penn are invited to join any existing UTV member group, or create their own group to join UTV with. We provide resources through our member groups and jointly organize video and media-related events for everyone involved in these groups. Visit for a listing of member groups and joint info sessions for new members.